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It Can Seem Impossible To Get Started And Keep Getting Results....
Have you ever thought....
"I just can't get motivated to get started."
"My progress has stalled and I'm frustrated."
"I get too sore and then can't workout for weeks so just sort of fall off."
"I can't get to the gym and don't have equipment at home."
"I don't feel confident going to the gym right now."
"I lose interest and get bored."
"I don't have time."
"I have too much going on to spend hours at the gym and get the results I want."
"I just have too much going on right now to commit enough time."
"My workouts aren't getting me the results I want...I need something new!"
Stop Overcomplicating Things! Sometimes All You Need Is 5 Minutes And Your Bodyweight!
Sometimes all you need is 5 minutes to get started. 

You're busy. You have work obligations. Family obligations...Heck sometimes you simply want to go hang out with friends and relax.

So fitting in time to workout can just seem overwhelming and stop you from ever even getting started! 

Too often we think we need to spend hours at the gym to get results, which holds us back from getting the results we want.

And then when we do go to the gym, often we don't know what to do or we workout so hard that we make ourselves so sore we can't go back for days or even weeks...which makes it really hard to develop a routine!

Even after you've gotten started working out consistently, there will be times when you results slow. 

What the heck do you do then?

That is where my 5-Minute Bodyweight Burner Workouts come in handy.

Whether you're looking to get started or you need something to kickstart your progress, these workouts will fit your busy schedule.

And the best part is, they can be done at home or even when you travel. No equipment is needed and no matter your fitness level, I'll show you a way to modify.

There are no excuses for not getting in your workout when all you need is 5 minutes, no equipment and just the space in a hotel room!

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How Can You Get Results In Just 5 Minutes?
Hybrid Exercises And Interval Training
When we want to lose weight and get stronger, we often think we need to workout MORE to get results.

But working out longer isn't necessarily the answer and can even work AGAINST us.
Did you know that if you workout longer than an hour, your hormone levels can actually work against you? 

That at about the hour mark, your cortisol levels start to rise and your human growth hormone and testosterone dip.

What does this mean?

This means that at the hour mark, your hormones that promote lean muscle growth drop and the hormone promoting muscle catabolism (aka the breakdown of muscle tissue) rises?

So all of that hard work you're putting in may not be benefiting you as much as it seems!

Plus, longer doesn't guarantee better results.

Results are all about challenging your body to break it down so it can regrow stronger.

So actually 30 minutes, 15 minutes, even just 5 minutes, can all benefit you more IF you are efficient and challenge your body.

That is why my Burner Workouts work.

In just 5 minutes, we work multiple large muscle groups with every move using hybrid exercises and really get our blood pumping with high intensity intervals.

Hybrid exercises are moves that COMBINE exercises together so that you work as many muscle groups at once at the same time. This not only saves you time and helps you get more out of the time you do workout, BUT it also helps you burn more calories in less time!

The more muscle groups you can work, especially the more LARGE muscle groups you can work, the more calories you can burn! Plus, building lean muscle mass will help you burn more calories even at rest and LOOK STRONG and LEAN!

And using interval training we can get your blood pumping so you not only burn more calories during your workout, but also raise your metabolic rate for longer AFTER your workout.

Between using Hybrid Exercises and Interval Training, you can not only burn more calories in less time and build lean muscles, BUT you'll also create a greater EPOC effect during your post-exercise recovery period.

What is EPOC?

To make a long story short...EPOC is excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Basically EPOC is the amount of oxygen you need to return your body to its resting metabolic functioning.

Because your body needs oxygen post workout for a few things including:
- Replacing the ATP you burned during the workout (aka the fuel you need for muscular activities)
- Helping repair muscle tissue damage (aka helping build stronger muscles)
- Restore your resting body temperature and oxygen levels in your blood

And the more INTENSE, NOTE: not the LONGER your workout, but the more INTENSELY you workout, the more you'll enhance the EPOC effect and the more calories you'll burn post workout.

So that is why in just 5-minutes using intervals and hybrid moves, you can get great results! And heck...if you have 10, 15 even 20 minutes, you can always string a few of my burners for the same great benefits!
I'm Ready To Get Results!  What Will I Get With The 17 Workouts?!
Workouts AND Accountability
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No matter what you want to work, there is a burner for it.

Full body? No problem!

Try the Full-Body Pyramid Burner.

Want to work your core?

Try the Belly and Butt Burner.
Basically, no matter your goals or what you want to work that day, there is a burner for you!

And even more importantly, when you purchase the 17 Burner Workouts, you'll get access to my PRIVATE Facebook Group. 

Having the coaching, accountability and support you need, are really key to getting the results you deserve and STAYING committed. Consistency is key to getting results, but it is hard to stay consistent without support or a coach there to help modify and advance movements when needed.

Need help knowing how to combine the workouts or what to do if you're just starting? 

Well I'm there to help along with the other Redefining Strength coaches and our entire wonderful community from around the world!
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